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Judul:the day we dreamed of 7/13/17 LESBIAN LDR
Diterbitkan:21 Juli 2017
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Our names are Amanda and Jessica and we are lesbians in a long distance relationship, we are just about 1,400 miles away from each other, and we were never really open to the idea of dating and being in a long distance relationship, it just seemed too hard. But we soon came to find out that we couldn't stay away from each other, we were talking consistently and always texted, we wanted to hear the most from each other that we possibly could in a day and we made it official. Then those 1,400 miles didn't matter anymore, We wanted each other more then ever. This is the first time we've ever met, but there will be many more trips and drives and more chances of us being together in the near future, so here's our story, enjoy it, learn it, live it, love it, and just wait for next time, I love you princess.
Instagram: @jessandamanda


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