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Judul:Asian Sex Diary - Filipina Girl and Flashback
Diterbitkan:02 Agustus 2019
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Dear Diary – It’s time to confess something about me. Maybe some of you have been wondering how it all started with FSD? I was thinking about it this morning. I think I can tell you my dirty little secret. Back in 2008, I was a married man, had a big house, car and of course a lovely wife. Blonde, sweet, intelligent and my age. I was already married for 3 years and we were both working like crazy. I worked from 7am till 3 pm and came home around 4. She worked as a nurse from 10am till 6 or 7 pm. I already had an eye for Asian beauties but I never had the chance to seriously date one aside from in high school so I ended up with a beautiful blonde Caucasian woman. At first, I was happy.. of course! BUT.. there were some things I was disappointed about. My hobby was to make pictures and videos and she didn’t like that. She felt that she was not beautiful enough for it (what was not true). I was also not allowed to make pictures of other women because she was very jealous about that. Back a bit further.. she got pregnant in 2007 and because there was too much work involved in upkeep for the house and our jobs, we decided to take in a maid. Her best friend had a Filipino maid and she was so happy about her so we took one in also. I had nothing to do with all the procedures as my wife choose the girl and then one day in January of 2008, Maria entered our house. She came straight from Leyte, Philippines. I saw her and immediately just fell in love. That face, those eyes, those lips, the color of her skin… man… I wanted her so bad..

For the first 2 months, everything went on as normal. I came back home every day at 4 and I started to become closer to her, making jokes and even taking pictures. She said that she loved to pose. 5 months later, my wife started to notice things. Obviously, she fired Maria then…. 3 days later she had a miscarriage. Drama was in the house and never left. At first, she forgave me but we divorced a year later. I missed that Filipina girl too much and had no interest in Caucasian woman anymore.


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