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Judul:One Direction "End of The Day" Lyrics
Diterbitkan:11 november 2015
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I don't own the song. All credit goes to One Direction.
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Edit: Hey guys, I would upload more, but I had to first file a dispute which YouTube rejected, so then I filled a appeal to the rejection of the dispute claiming that I did not violate any copyright laws. Right now they are "looking over it", and have taken off the restrictions on this video, but if they reject it, they will then take my video down and I will receive a copyright strike. Once I receive 3, then they will close my account, so I'm holding off until I find out what happens. This also applies to the "Love Me Goodbye" video I uploaded. Thanks for your support, I appreciate the comments, and the likes :) -Erica

12/11/15: Thanks so much for the 1K!

12/13/15: Wow! 2K, Thank You Guys So much!

12/14/15: 4K, Keep it up!

12/15/15: 6K, You guys are amazing!

12/21/15: 94K , Almost there...

12/27/15: 334K, Never thought I get this far

10/17/18: 1,002,607. Over 1 million views!! Thank You everyone!


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