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Judul:The End of the World & the Last Day
Diterbitkan:19 Oktober 2010
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When Allah Decrees that all living beings should die, He will command the Angel (Israfeel) to blow the Trumpet, so he will give a mighty blast which will terrify all creatures, as a result of which they will swoon and die. Then they will stay like that for as long as Allah Decrees, which is described as 40 without specifying whether that is years, months or days -- Allah Knows best how long it is. Their bodies will decay within this period until there is nothing left but the bone at the base of the coccyx (a round bone at the base of the spine).

Then Allah will send a cloud that will release Rain, and when the water reaches this bone, bodies will grow from it like a plant grows and they will be Recreated from this bone, just as Allah Created them the first time, for He is able to do all things. Then he will blow the Trumpet to signal the Resurrection, and the souls will return to their bodies and will come forth from their graves and hasten to the place of the gathering. We ask Allah for His mercy and kindness.

Muslims must prepare for these decisive moments by hastening to do righteous deeds and keeping away from evil things and bad deeds. If the Prophet (S) i.e. the one who feared Allah most said, "How can I feel at ease when the one who will blow the Trumpet has placed it to his mouth, bent his forehead and inclined his ear, waiting to see when he will be Ordered to blow it?" [At-Tirmidhi, graded Sahih by Shaykh Albani in Al-Silsilah;1079] then what about us who are weak and fall short? We ask Allah to make us among those who will not be grieved by the greatest terror when the Angels will meet them (with the greeting), "This is your Day which you were promised!" (Quran, Al-Anbiya' 21;103).

[Excerpt from Al-Qiyaamah al-Kubra by Shaykh Umar al-Ashqar, 33-42; A'laam al-Sunnah al-Manshoorah, 122]

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