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Judul:When Lionel Messi Deserved To Win An International Trophy
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When Lionel Messi Deserved To Win The 2014 World Cup...

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Messi WC 2014:
Against Bosnia - 1 goal
Against Iran - 1 goal
Against Nigeria - 2 goals
Against Switzerland - 1 assist
Against Belgium - 1 preassist
Against Holland - Penalties(he scored)
Against Germany - They lost 1-0
Interesting facts:
●Messi holds the record with the most successful dribbles at World Cup (110).
●He was named the best player of World Cup 2014.(World Cup Golden Ball)
● In 4 World Cups (2006,2010,2014,2018) he has 6 goals and 5 assists.
Unfortunately his best World Cup ended up by losing it.Word Cup 2014 was his last chance.He was 27 years old (quit young and sharp).I am just going to enjoy him at the next and last World Cup for him at Qatar 2022, he will be 35 years old!
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Argentina superstar Lionel Messi exclusively shares his thoughts on key moments of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
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